Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brandon Jennings slips through Uconn's fingers

While location played a huge role in Brandon choosing Arizona over Uconn, Brandon was forced into making a quick decision by the cunning Olson. The coach brought in Larry Drew for an unoffical stop and told Jennings that he had to make a choice before his original July deadline. And he did, commiting to Arizona.

Uconn lost out on a top ten blue chip and a great shooter. Though the gaurd position is crowded and Uconn's glaring weakness is at the small forward position, losing a player of Jennings caliber is a hard pill to swallow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Young Bull Vs. The Mask

The dust has settled on a great Uconn shooting guard battle. Ben Gordon and Richard Hamilton did Uconn proud. Though their style differs, Hamilton pops shots around double screens and Gordon breaks down a defender one on one, they still have great strokes.

For Uconn fans this is a dream match-up. This series showcased two of the elite gaurds that ever came out of Uconn and bragging rights to the claim of the best two gaurd of the championship classes.

During the postseason Ben scored 20.3 points a game at a .419 field goal average and Hamilton shot 19.5 a game at a .429 average.

Gordon still needs to be more consistent with his shots and find that 'go to' move. The Mask is a man of routine, as demonstrated by his foul shooting. He bounces the ball twice and than once to the side before shooting and he is excellent at it. He goes through his shots the same way by running set plays where he knows where his shot will be.

Now that The Mask defeated the Young Bull, Hamilton holds the title of best shooting guard to ever come out of Storrs.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

NCAA Extends Three Point Line

The NCAA has decided to extend the three point line by a foot in the coming season. This should effect post play and bring back the mid-range jumper that had disappeared in the college came.

This is a wise move by the NCAA. It became to easy to sit back and drain threes over the defense. A foot shouldn't change the percentage that much and should create more room for post players and extend the zone defenses.

The athletes coming out of high school now are better with some being able to make the jump into the NBA effortlessly. Teams stockpiled three point shooters, using a three guard system and negated teams that used a traditional center.

Garrison chooses Niagra

Rob Garrison has decided to move closer to home in choosing Niagra as his new school. With this decision, Uconn makes room for another scholarship player. There are many avenues that Uconn could choose from Nate Miles, a shooting gaurd/small forward or another power forward in Ed Davis.

The small forward became a liability down the stretch and Nate Miles would add more depth to that position. Uconn should choose quickly before another school sweeps in and steals their player.