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Kemba Walker versus Jimmer Fredette

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Player Profile: Andre Drummond

Unless you have been living under the rock for the past several years, it is not breaking news to say that Andre Drummond is one of the best recruits in the country. He is a 6-foot-10 and 260 pound pure center but it is his athletic ability with his frame that makes him such a unique talent. Often compared to Shawn Kemp, Drummond can play with his back to the basket and has a sweet hook. He is an intimidating rebounder and shot blocker, but needs to improve his free throw shooting. His upside is through the roof and he is by far the highest touted recruit to declare for UConn. He is unlikely to be at UConn for more then two years. It all depends on what the rules are when the NBA lockout is complete. Even for a player of his caliber, he still has to adjust to the college game and learn how to play physical without fouling, but with his natural skills and Calhoun’s ability to teach players, this is no doubt a great marriage. If Drummond comes in eager to get better and plays a team game, which is what all the reports say is happening now, then he could instantly put UConn on the pathway to repeat as National Champions and leave Storrs as the top pick in the NBA draft.

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UConn heading to ACC?

This is the new face of the NCAA. Teams leaving conferences and creating new super conferences like a high stakes game of musical chairs. And now it has struck the Big East with Pittsburgh and Syracuse, two of the most consistent and successful teams in the conference heading to the ACC, with UConn straddling that fence. It would gut the best conference in college basketball beyond repair and it isn’t fair to the fans. The NCAA talks about tradition and rivalries as a staple of its appeal. Well, this has everything to do about money and they couldn’t care less about the luster of tradition and they are taking the fans for granted.

Everyone sees the new landscape of the NCAA as handful of mega conferences. It is easier for these new conferences to form up their own television contracts with the big time networks and it is most important for these prominent football and basketball schools to get into these conferences that can yield the most money for their respected schools. Since Miami left the Big East to go to the ACC, the Big East has lost its prominence in football, but gained it in basketball, but everyone knows that the money is in football.

UConn is determined to make football a success and that is why there are rumors that they could be heading to the ACC. It would be an intriguing move with some of the most storied teams in all of basketball in Duke and North Carolina with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and UConn. It would hands down be the best conference in basketball but would it be to the detriment of the sport?

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Alumni Profile: Rudy Gay

Looking Back: Rudy Gay was coming into the season with a lot of pressure. He had just signed a new contract and needed to show Memphis that they had spent their money well. He was off to a good start, increasing his output in most categories but then suffered a shoulder injury that sidelined him through much of the second half of the season. He had to sit and watch his team become one of the hottest teams in the playoffs and almost make it to the conference finals.

The Good: He is still young and there is still plenty of upside to his game. He is one of the most athletic players in the league and can attack the rim with the best in the league. He also has developed into a more consistent shooter from three point and mid-range. He has also shown the ability to hit the clutch shot to win games.

The Bad: He isn’t known for his defense and settles for jumpers instead of drawing contact and getting to the line. He has worked on his post game but it isn’t an effective weapon yet. He is also coming off a major injury for the first time in his career and it isn’t known how this will effect his game. For all his talent, he has yet to show the leadership that other superstars displayed.

Looking Ahead: Barring any setbacks with his shoulder, Rudy should have a great season. If he had pressure on him entering last season, it is doubled now that Memphis has had success without him. He’ll need to make sure that he isn’t hijacking the offense because if Memphis starts losing games, the fingers will be pointing in his directions. But with Rudy’s talents, he should prove the naysayer wrong.

Neils Giffey German Interview

Translator needed.

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Alumni Profile: Ray Allen

Looking Back: Ray Allen had one of his best seasons as a Celtic, surpassing Reggie Miller’s record of making the most three pointers ever. Even in his twilight of his career, he still showed that he has enough legs left to carry the Celtics in the Playoffs, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot, but it wasn’t enough as they collapsed down the stretch and fell to the Miami Heat.

The Good: There is no better pure shooter in the game than Ray Allen, but he isn’t just a jump shooter. He still has a deceptive first step and can still play above the rim. While he is known for his three point shooting, he is a really good defender and tends to get locked up against team’s best offensive players. He is a gym rat and works hard each and every day on his game which is why he is where he is. He is also a great role model and leader on and off the court and is the patriarch of the UConn Alumni.

The Bad:
While he still plays a good 30-plus minutes, he is far from his prime. Doc Rivers will need to monitor his minutes to keep him fresh throughout the season. With age comes the loss in speed and Ray isn’t going to lead a fast break and isn’t going to take a charge playing one-on-one with a younger guard.

Looking Ahead: Pending the lockout, Ray Allen will have another consistent year, knocking down threes, find ways to get to the line, and help out in any way he can. The window on another Championship is closing and it is now or never to get back on top.