Monday, September 12, 2011

Alumni Profile: Rudy Gay

Looking Back: Rudy Gay was coming into the season with a lot of pressure. He had just signed a new contract and needed to show Memphis that they had spent their money well. He was off to a good start, increasing his output in most categories but then suffered a shoulder injury that sidelined him through much of the second half of the season. He had to sit and watch his team become one of the hottest teams in the playoffs and almost make it to the conference finals.

The Good: He is still young and there is still plenty of upside to his game. He is one of the most athletic players in the league and can attack the rim with the best in the league. He also has developed into a more consistent shooter from three point and mid-range. He has also shown the ability to hit the clutch shot to win games.

The Bad: He isn’t known for his defense and settles for jumpers instead of drawing contact and getting to the line. He has worked on his post game but it isn’t an effective weapon yet. He is also coming off a major injury for the first time in his career and it isn’t known how this will effect his game. For all his talent, he has yet to show the leadership that other superstars displayed.

Looking Ahead: Barring any setbacks with his shoulder, Rudy should have a great season. If he had pressure on him entering last season, it is doubled now that Memphis has had success without him. He’ll need to make sure that he isn’t hijacking the offense because if Memphis starts losing games, the fingers will be pointing in his directions. But with Rudy’s talents, he should prove the naysayer wrong.

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