Monday, September 19, 2011

UConn heading to ACC?

This is the new face of the NCAA. Teams leaving conferences and creating new super conferences like a high stakes game of musical chairs. And now it has struck the Big East with Pittsburgh and Syracuse, two of the most consistent and successful teams in the conference heading to the ACC, with UConn straddling that fence. It would gut the best conference in college basketball beyond repair and it isn’t fair to the fans. The NCAA talks about tradition and rivalries as a staple of its appeal. Well, this has everything to do about money and they couldn’t care less about the luster of tradition and they are taking the fans for granted.

Everyone sees the new landscape of the NCAA as handful of mega conferences. It is easier for these new conferences to form up their own television contracts with the big time networks and it is most important for these prominent football and basketball schools to get into these conferences that can yield the most money for their respected schools. Since Miami left the Big East to go to the ACC, the Big East has lost its prominence in football, but gained it in basketball, but everyone knows that the money is in football.

UConn is determined to make football a success and that is why there are rumors that they could be heading to the ACC. It would be an intriguing move with some of the most storied teams in all of basketball in Duke and North Carolina with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and UConn. It would hands down be the best conference in basketball but would it be to the detriment of the sport?

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