Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Small Foot Forward

Calhoun has been trying to figure out the small forward position since the loss of Rudy Gay. Stanley Robinson and Marcus Johnson came in and couldn’t find a way to contribute in their freshmen year. Marcus left abruptly at the start of his sophomore season and left Robinson with the starting job all to himself. He improved and was able to find his role on the team, a tenacious rebounder and a three point threat. Though his outside shot was streaky, he proved consistent in the paint.

So who on this current roster will make up for Robinson’s rebounding? They can’t rely on Thabeet and Adrien to get double digit rebounding if teams flood the paint. Whoever plays that third guard spot will be asked to match up against a stronger, taller and more athletic player. A team like Louisville would be hard to match up with.

While Stanley and Majok will be here during Big East Play, will they be ready to slide into that position with little rust? Robinson should be able to handle it, if they don’t rely on him offensively. He should concentrate on those second chance points and high flying rebounding.

Even with this talented squad, Calhoun hasn’t been able to nail down the small forward position. While Robinson looks the part, he is far from consistent. Majok is still a mystery and who knows how he will respond from coming into a whole new environment and having to deal with Calhoun’s old school style of coaching? This teams championship hopes might hinge on how the small forward position pans out.

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