Sunday, December 7, 2008

Player Profile: Stanley Robinson

Welcome home Sticks. Stanley had a breakout season last year. He found the consistency to his game that he lacked in his freshman year. He pounded the glass and scrapped his way for second chance points. He has also developed an outside shot, performed well from beyond the arch and wasn’t forcing shots. He is the best overall athlete on the team which is scary. He is the Leon Powe of this team, a player that roams the paint and has the hands and power to finish plays off.

The Good: His athleticism is far and beyond his greatest asset. He can sky over bigger players and adds another dimension to the front court. The wings have given UConn trouble and Robinson’s defensive ability will be essential. He has steadily been improving on his jump shot, which will open other aspects to his game. There is no questioning his heart, just look at the new tattoo on his arm. The Huskies are a family to him and he craves being there for his teammates.

The Bad: It starts with his mysterious personal issue that took him away from the team for half a semester. Hopefully he has taken care of whatever it was and he comes out of it a stronger person. He will be rusty for awhile and needs to adjust to coming off the bench. While he is a fantastic rebounder and developed his jump shot, he hasn’t added the dribble drive to his arsenal yet which would make him a devastating player.

Looking Ahead: It will be interesting to see how he adjusts. He’ll need to concentrate on rebounding and defending when coming into the game and let the outside shot be his last option while he settles into his role. This team needs his size and athleticism on the wing and he will produce big numbers by the end of league play. There is a lot to say about a player working and paying their own way back on the team. Robinson will be the difference maker come March.

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