Friday, February 13, 2009

What now?

With Dyson likely out for the season, UConn has encountered their first major hurdle. They lose their zone-buster and his ability to attack the lane to collapse the defense. While UConn will lose his 14 points a game, they are such a balanced squad that the points won’t be as hard to fill as will be his defensive ability. Dyson was also UConn’s best transition finisher and his ability to finish off the break will be missed.

Husky fans are going to see a whole lot of Walker for the rest of the season. The freshman has shown the ability to be a reliable contributor on the court. But without Dyson, they are going to have to look for him to penetrate more and shoot the outside shot which he has shown to possess.

Austrie will most likely slide into Dyson’s starting spot and will need to be more consistent from deep and in the man-to-man defense. He will also need to get into the lane more and use the floater. Beverly should get more playing time as well, especially if there is any foul trouble with the backcourt.

Dyson’s loss will be felt but it isn’t as catastrophic as if Thabeet or Adrien went down. The deep backcourt that Calhoun has assembled and the emergence of Walker as a legitimate player will help stem the loss. It is a shame though. Jerome was playing his best ball of his career and after his horrible season of a year ago, to have it end like this on such a senior laden team, doesn’t seem right. Luckily he is only a junior and will have another chance, but he deserved to be on the court during this magical ride.

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