Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top Five Reasons Why UConn is Better then Louisville

5. Last twelve games. Louisville went 10 and 2 in their last twelve games with losses to UConn and Notre Dame. UConn went 10 and 2 with both their losses to Pittsburgh.

4. The big road wins. Louisville won at Villanova, Syracuse, Georgetown, and West Virginia. UConn won at West Virginia, Notre Dame, Louisville, Gonzaga and Marquette.

3. Their losses. Louisville lost to Western Kentucky, Minnesota, UNLV, Connecticut, and Notre Dame. UConn lost to Pittsburgh twice and Georgetown.

2. Uneven scheduling. While Louisville won the Big East regular season outright, it is due to the fact that there is an uneven schedule. The Big East needs to look into breaking the conference into two subdivisions. It is unfair for everyone to have only a handful of home and away games versus one team in a season, especially in a league this deep and talented. Louisville played West Virginia, USF, and Notre Dame twice, while Connecticut had Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, and Seton Hall twice.

1. Head to head meeting. Connecticut beat Louisville at Louisville.

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