Saturday, August 8, 2009

Get your facts straight

Everyone has that lasting image of Blair pulling down a monster rebound and grabbing Thabeet’s wrist, nearly breaking his arm, while he pulls him over his shoulder in a UFC style takedown. While that one play conjures up Blair’s dominance against Thabeet in that game in which Pittsburgh’s big man pulled down 17 boards and scored 22 points, everyone forgets what happened in the second match-up. UConn did lose both games but not due to Thabeet, who pulled down 13 boards and scored 14 points to Blair’s 8 boards and 8 points. So why are these so called experts bringing up Blair’s complete dominance over Thabeet if they each got the better of each other in their two games? Pittsburgh’s team matched-up better against UConn’s but the misconception is still out there.

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