Friday, September 25, 2009

UConn has Big Question Marks

There is no doubt that UConn fans see the glaring weakness to the UConn Huskies is at the center position. While Okwandu is a major question mark, there are still a multitude of solutions for Calhoun to implement. He could use an Edwards, Oriakhi, and Robinson lineup and remain a pretty consistent rebounding and defending team. Edwards did hold down the center position for Thabeet whenever the big man was in foul trouble. It would be a smaller lineup than what they have had, but Edwards, Oriakhi and Robinson’s strength is in their ability to rebound. Majok and Coombs-McDaniels will also play heavily into the rotation. While Majok looks to be a more fluid offensive player then defensively, it is hard to see where he fits in until we see him in December. Coombs-McDaniels is going to be an important asset. He can play both guard positions and hold down the small forward spot. He could be a match-up headache for smaller guards.

So the question arises as to where Okwandu fits into this team. Will he be able to hold down his defender in the post, block out effectively, and block shots? That is basically what UConn needs out of the big man. If he can do those things, then this team will have a wealth of options in the front court. But there is just no certainty at that position. When dealing with freshmen there is a wait and see approach, especially in the first couple of months. Will Calhoun opt for a bigger but slower team in favor of a smaller but faster squad? Either way, having the option is a good thing.

What is in serious jeopardy though is UConn’s stranglehold in the block shots leader board. Unless Majok, Oriahki, and Okwandu contribute mightily in that department, that only leaves Robinson as a shot blocking threat.

With the departure of UConn’s core front court of Adrien and Thabeet, UConn is left with a wealth of potential, but potential has a tendency to lean both ways. By January this team could have a deep and talented frontcourt that could be a major strength or it could have an inconsistent and young line that is a liability against experienced teams. UConn will have to have a wait and see approach on where the center position stacks up, but they surely aren’t lacking talent or options there.

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