Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chopping Block

Ugly. Absolutely atrocious. This team had all the momentum on their side coming into this game and they come out with a game like that. This team just can’t play with any control and discipline with the ball. They throw the ball away time after time, they can’t secure rebounds, and the dribble penetration has not been solved all year. The zone gave UConn all types of problems and the guards didn’t bother to dribble penetrate and settled for jumpers which isn’t their strength. With each brick, Providence had easy run outs and transition points. This team is what it is, a middle of the pack Big East team and with the hole that they have dug themselves, it is going to be awfully hard for them to claw back up the standings to secure an at-large berth. They needed this game and they didn’t show up, plain and simple.

Dyson, the offensive leader of this team, showed up early, but was no where to be seen after that. He couldn’t find his way through the zone and he wasn’t aggressive. He needed to be the one who took charge of this game, heading to the rim in his bull-like fashion and he didn’t. The offense stuttered and stalled without his help and Providence ran away with the game.

Walker had a good game. He wasn’t to blame for this loss. He helped out in the rebounding department, had a bunch of steals, and pushed the tempo without his usual turnovers. His jumpers weren’t falling, but he wasn’t alone in that department. He is having problems keeping his player in front of him and the dribble penetration was putting undo stress on the frontcourt, giving up tons of offensive boards. He is also having problems figuring out the zone in the half court sets. He needs to use his speed to break up the zone. But overall it wasn't a bad game on his part.

Robinson didn’t have his outside shot working but had plenty of dunks and transition points. He was having problems battling on the boards and Providence’s frontcourt dominated UConn. Robinson needed to counteract that and didn’t. He wasn't skying for boards like we are used to seeing and the extra possessions for Providence killed UConn.

Edwards was solid and was the only post player to have a good game. He scored in a variety of ways around the basket and rebounded well. He did have a couple of horrible passes and needs to be patient with the ball, but he made his free throws and rebounded well. Oriakhi had a tough game. He couldn’t hold onto the ball when rebounding and kept getting stripped for offensive boards. He missed some point-blank shots around the rim and wasn’t a threat with the ball in his hands. He did have a nice block, but needed to have a better outing.

Majok was coming off his best performance against Texas to then take a step back. He had a block but also had a few turnovers and defensive lapses. Beverly had plenty of minutes but didn’t do much with it. He looked a bit out of control at times and missed some free throws. He needs to add a little to the offense. Coombs-McDaniel had an okay game with a three ball, but didn’t do much other then that.

It was the same old story. Sloppy play, dribble penetration, and offensive rebounds. Just when it looked like they had solved these issues, they pop up again. With the road losing streak now looming like storm clouds over this team, they will have a tough stretch ahead. They've played three solid games all year and it is a bit frustrating to see so much talent not translate onto the court. Teams are going to throw the zone at this team from here on out and UConn is going to need to execute or get executed because these next four games are their season and their heads are squarely on the chopping block.

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