Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 UConn Draft Prospects

Stanley Robinson: His athleticism is top-notch and has general managers drooling over that aspect of his game, but he is still a work in progress. His outside shot, which he had a good percentage in his senior year, wasn’t consistent and never showed up at crunch time of tight ballgames. His rebounding was and will be a huge asset to him at the next level. He’ll need to be relentless in the paint to earn minutes right off the bat. The major contribution that Sticks can demonstrate right away will be at the defensive end. He was solid there and his length and athleticism made him ideal to cover any sized wing player.

He reminds me of a Tony Allen type of player at the next level. He has the potential to be much better and is already a better rebounder, but without that outside aspect to his game, he’ll come off the bench with the second unit.

Jerome Dyson: He’s been working hard on improving his shooting range, which was the only thing lacking from his game. It isn’t a pretty shot, since he shoots it flat footed, which gives his opponent a chance to block it. He has a dynamic first step and isn’t afraid to attack the rim, which will be an asset to him since the lanes are wider and the restricted circle is there to deter lingering big men. The one thing that isn’t in Dyson’s favor is his injuries. He has had a major surgery, and tons of bangs and bruises due to the style of play he invokes.

Dyson reminds me of a poor man’s Dwayne Wade. Sure he isn’t of Wade’s superstar level of talent, but his game is in Dwayne’s mold. They both are looking to attack the rim whenever the ball is in their hands and the outside shot is only an afterthought. Dyson will thrive at the next level and if his body can hold up, he should eventually become a starter. It depends where he lands.

Gavin Edwards:
He is a long shot to make a team. Early in the season, he drew attention with his rebounding and blocked shots, but he tailed off down the stretch and so did the spotlight. A team might take a look at him as a free agent and assign him to a D-League squad, but there are so many players of his size and skill level that he’ll need to improve leaps and bounds to make a NBA team. He reminds me of a shorter Josh Boone, but with a better shot.

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