Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alumni Profile: Jeff Adrien

Looking Back: Adrien had a solid season adjusting and playing overseas. He honed his jumper and post game, and strengthened up. The hard work paid off and he was invited to two summer camps with two separate teams and flourished. He found a perfect spot for himself in Golden State and continued to impress his coach, landing himself a roster spot.

The Good: He has tremendous power and strength without losing any of his mobility. Adrien has always had the knack for rebounding, but it is his intangibles that make him a key role player. He plays solid defense, will dive on the floor for loose balls, and isn’t afraid to bang around in the paint. His post game has also come a long way and he has developed multiple moves with his back to the basket.

The Bad: He will always be looking over his shoulder at the next younger and taller player. His size will forever be a negative and he will need to make up for that with shear effort. He isn’t the best passer either and needs to take the shot when the ball is in his hands and not do to much with it.

Looking Ahead:
He is in the perfect situation and needs to take advantage. Getting the game tape of what he can do against elite NBA players now can keep his stock in the league high for the next couple of years. He is such a great story and gives hope to everyone that if you work hard, do things the right way, then you can achieve your dream.

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