Monday, July 11, 2011

Player Profile: Jeremy Lamb

Looking Back: It took a few months for Jeremy Lamb to find his place on the team, but when he did this team went on a historic run. He was hesitant to take shots and deferred a lot to Walker during the early stages of the season, but once he saw that he was effective on some curls and felt a few threes drop, his confidence kept building where by the end of the season, he was being schemed against. If it wasn’t for his emergence as a definitive scorer, this team would never of had the shot to make a trip to Houston and cut down the nets.

The Good: Lamb has a tremendous upside. He has the length to take on the two guard, or quickness to beat the small forward position around screens. His versatility creates mismatches and allows him to get open on a multitude of different sets. It is unusual for a player of his experience to have a master of the mid-ranged game, but it has been in his arsenal since high school. He has a nasty floater, can knock down the three ball, has an above the rim game, shots well around screens, possesses a deceptive first step, rebounds well, and plays defense. Not bad for a sophomore and he is scratching the surface of what he can do.

The Bad: Other then his dance moves, his size is an issue. He needs to get to the line more and to do that, he needs to attack the rim. That is the missing element to his game and could increase his scoring total by five to eight points a game. He is also going to need to be more consistent on the offensive end and show that he can shoulder the offense going through him.

Looking Ahead: This is Jeremy Lamb’s team now and that is a lot to ask of for a sophomore and he needs to be a leader on this team. He will be given more sets and opportunities to make plays and he needs to make the most out of this opportunity. NBA scouts are already salivating on last years performance and if he shows another step in his development, he will have a serious decision to make in March.

(Video has swears in it)

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