Friday, October 28, 2011

The Writing is on the Wall

The writing is on the wall and schools are jumping ship from the Big East. It is highly unlikely that they could sustain the West Virginia exodus and be allotted a BCS bid and that’s a shame. Louisville, despite Pitino’s fervent talk about keeping the Big East strong, is trying to elbow their way into the Big 12. This is all putting UConn in a precarious situation. It might be a foregone conclusion that the ACC will accept UConn’s bid and B.C. and Connecticut will kiss and make up, but as of now that is the only lifeboat in a sinking ship.

It is a shame that the flawed BCS system has destroyed a honored and historic conference like that of the Big East. A majority of sports fans feel that NCAA basketball puts on a better product and has a legitimate National Champion. If the NCAA basketball was under the BCS model, UConn couldn’t of had it’s historic run, Butler wouldn’t have made back-to-back runs at a title, and VCU wouldn’t be in our vocabulary. Everyone loves an underdog and the BCS model doesn’t give fans one. They don’t allow for a team that might struggle out of the gate to improve and contend for a National title, even if they are the best team by the end of the season. The BCS model is flawed and it is destroying the foundation of a sport that has nothing to do with it.

To fix this teams need to have two different conferences, one for BCS eligible teams only and one for all other sports. If Notre Dame can be independent without a conference and play in one in all other sports than why not other schools. Take all the football schools and do what you would like, but why should it effect other sports. It is unfair to the players and fans to see the history of a great conference be shredded for the sake of the big money Bowl games.

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