Thursday, March 15, 2012

UConn on Playing Iowa State


Matias Nino said...

Sad to see them come out and lay an egg after finally seeing them come together in the Big East Tournament. It was a season to forget for sure with all the distractions, suspensions, and non stop 'young team' mistakes. Hopefully they'll learn this lesson and come back to steal one next year.

What are your thoughts on next year anyway?

Will the NBA D-League poach Lamb and Drummond?

You think Oriakhi will transfer?

I'm confident they'll win the APR appeal to play in the tourney again. Unfortunately the spectre of possibly no tournament may not bode well for players sticking around.

David Gillett said...

I'll probably write something about this but for now I think that the NCAA will incorporate this year's APR into their system, makes sense, that Drummond & Lamb will head into draft, Oriakhi will stay, Calhoun will coach, and this team will still have a solid core to compete for the new look Big East next year.