Monday, July 9, 2012

To Boo or not to Boo

For UConn fans, losing Ray Allen to the Miami Heat hurts more than the average fan.  Here is the best UConn alumni ever, who came back to his hometown market and delivered a championship right away.  He broke the all-time three point record in his backyard, he shattered a playoff record for three point attempts, and was the perfect role model for a UConn franchise.  While his leaving makes sense in a couple of ways, it still twists the hearts of Husky fans because of how it was done and to where he landed.

Rumors had swirled since the Celtics were eliminated by the heat that Allen was frustrated with how he was treated by Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers' use of him and his beleaguered relationship with Rajon Rondo.  While Ray Allen was struggling down the stretch with bone spurs, his ego was a bit bruised by the way Doc Rivers had Ray Allen come off the bench, even though during that time Allen expressed his thumbs up to the move. His frustration with Rajon Rondo has to do with his belief that Rondo gave up on Allen to early in sets.  This is all new to fans that have grown up watching Allen.  They have had a picture of Ray Allen as one of the hardest workers and not a player that let his ego get the better of him, but this is a professional athlete and ego is what fuels them to be the best at what they do.

His frustration with Ainge is more understandable.  The O.J. Mayo trade that fell apart halfway through the year set the sour mood that eventually led to Allen’s exodus out of  Boston, especially since Ainge called Allen and said he was traded to Memphis before the deal collapsed.  Allen probably made up his mind that he wasn’t going to return to Boston at that time.  It also didn’t help that Ainge signed Jason Terry before Allen did anything in free agency.  That was the push Allen needed to put Boston in the rear view mirror.

The hardest pill to swallow for most UConn fans is that he signed with the Heat.  Sure it was for less money, but remember he doesn’t have an agent and money at this time in his life isn’t his main aspiration.  The only thing he needs to accomplish now is Championships and the Heat  provide him with that opportunity.  They need to surround James and Wade with outside shooters.  If it wasn’t for the complementary three point shooters for Miami, they wouldn’t have won the Championship.  They need Allen’s sharp shooting, especially since Miller is dealing with back problems.  It was a perfect fit for him.  No team besides Boston and Miami that had legitimate chances at a Championship were courting Allen.

It will be tough to watch Ray Allen suit up for the Heat, but it was the right move for both teams.  Ray Allen will have a pivotal role on a favorite to win it all next season and the Celtics will be getting younger, which they need to do, and also have Jason Terry who is comfortable being that six man off the bench.  It might not be what UConn fans would want, but no one should blame Allen for his decision.  So it is understandable if you are hurt over the move, but understand that he was almost shipped out halfway through the season.  He'll probably get booed, but he doesn't deserve to.

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