Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Player Profile: Enosch Wolf

Looking Back: Enosch Wolf had a great opportunity last year to get some minutes behind Drummond and Oriakhi and really solidify that first big man role off the bench, but he didn’t show Calhoun enough in practice to elicit consistent minutes. He found himself relegated to minutes in blowouts, which were far and few last year and when he did get himself in the game in meaningful stretches, Calhoun gave him a short leash. It all added up to a lost year for Wolf and one that frustrated him and had him considering transferring, but to his credit he is staying the course.

  The Good: He has the body to be a legitimate center in the Big East. He also has shown in his limited minutes an ability to hustle for boards or loose balls. He isn’t rigid with his bulk and has some mobility. With so little minutes under his belt there really isn’t a whole lot to base his talents on so far.

The Bad: He hasn’t shown the drive to get on the court and he needs a little more motivation to get better. He also doesn’t feel comfortable out there especially when the ball is in his hands. His lack of confidence and always looking over his shoulder when the whistle blows has him thinking too much on the court and not playing with instinct.

Looking Ahead: This is a golden opportunity for Wolf and he needs to show that he is ready for this challenge. He has to be the first one in the gym and the last to leave each practice. This is a make or break year for him and with little depth in front or behind him this team needs him to produce. Hopefully that will be motivation enough to get the best possible effort out of him.

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