Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet Leon Tolksdorf

Leon Tolksdorf is a 6-8 and 220 pound, forward, from Berlin, Germany. He’s a hybrid player that has the ability to slide into three positions. He is a fundamentally sound player that has the ability to knock down the outside shot. If he can find a way to stretch the floor at the wing position then he’ll have a good opportunity to get on the court. He’s not athletic though, needs to bulk up, and prove that he can rebound, because that will be UConn’s greatest concern heading into the season. He’s a strong student and should have the stability of Wolf and Giffey on the team to show him the ropes of what it takes to make it in the Big East and adjust to life in the United States. UConn has placed their flag in Germany with the signings of Wolf, Giffey, and Tolksdorf and hopefully this will become a great conduit for some top European talent.

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