Friday, November 23, 2012

Alumni Profile: Jeremy Lamb

Looking Back:  Jeremy Lamb had a tough time through UConn’s 2011-2012 season.  That’s not saying that he wasn’t good.  It was just that he wasn’t consistent.  There was so much potential that he displayed in the Huskies Championship year that it looked like Lamb was ready to make that transition into the elite status, but the pressure to perform game after game wore on him and he struggled to carry his team to victories late in ballgames.  He was drafted by the Rockets early in the first round but was soon traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Good:  Lamb is smooth in everything he does.  His jumper is effortless and his shot has a soft touch when it hits the rim.  He also possesses a fantastic runner that few his age have and he uses it effectively.  He is great with ball screens and uses them to free up his shooting hand.  He also has a quick release and uses his lankiness to avoid defender’s outstretched arms.

The Bad: He is on the frail side and needs to bulk up in order to endure the rigors of the NBA.  He will be tested on the block and isolated.  He is also a streaky shooter and he settles too much for the easy shot instead of working harder for an easier look.  The major knack that came out of the NBA draft process was his demeanor.  He has a lackadaisical approach to his game that some take for not caring or lack of effort.  He has to do a better job of distilling those rumors.

Looking Ahead:  Lamb will get his opportunities in Oklahoma and needs to make the most of them.  If he can have a consistent jumper, do the little things like rebounding and hustle on defense, then he should have a solid rookie season, but his expectations aren’t that high, especially with such a core nucleus of the Thunder.  He’ll definitely have the opportunity to learn from one of the most talented backcourt tandems in the league.

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