Friday, December 14, 2012

Alumni Profile: A.J. Price

Looking Back: A.J. Price was mired on the Pacers bench for much of season.  He played well when he got some playing time, but didn’t do anything to warrant more than a minor role and when the Pacers went into the playoffs, Price barely played.  He was let go of the organization at the end of the year and found a nice home with the Washington Wizards.  It was a nice fit for him because it will allow him some valuable playing time on a team desperate for some continuity.

The Good: Price has done a good enough job of shooting the basketball that defenders must respect it.   He’s also been reliable on both ends of the court and has been relatively healthy.  He’s got some grittiness in him and doesn’t shy away from physical play.

The Bad: He doesn’t do anything great but does a lot of things well.  He also plays at a slower speed than other point guards.  He doesn’t have a great first step and has to rely on his jumper for the majority of his offense.  He hasn’t shown the greatest maturity, as seen in a Youtube clip of him making funny faces at Hansborough.

Looking Ahead: Price has found a nice home in Washington and will get the opportunity to showcase his skills.  If he plays well there than he can parlay that into a career much like that of Kevin Ollie, but his role of a back up point guard or starter that is constantly looking over his shoulder is probably the ceiling of his career.

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