Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final Grades

Kevin Ollie: A.  Coach Ollie had a terrific season considering what he had to deal with.  He traversed a very turbulent season with the collapse of the Big East, retirement of the legendary coach Jim Calhoun, Enosch Wolf’s police problems, injuries, a team that had no post season, and a depleted roster.  Not only did he have a winning record during this season, but also has landed some solid recruits.

Shabazz Napier: B+.  Napier’s leadership was called into question last year but he silenced all his detractors with clutch play late in ballgames.  The only thing keeping his grade down was slow starts, turnovers, and some poor shot selections.

DeAndre Daniels: B.  Daniels came on late in the season and demonstrated a versatile game.  He led the team in rebounding, blocked shots, and was the only legitimate threat in the paint.  To get an A, he needs to be a bit more consistent with his jumper.

Ryan Boatright: C+. Boatright had a rough stretch at the tail end of the season.  His lack of confidence in his jumper had him dribbling the air out of the basketball with no concise decision where to go.  His turnovers were a major issue and he had problems leading his team when Napier was injured.  He had a good season but still has work to do.

Niels Giffey: C+.  With a depleted bench, UConn was relying heavily on Giffey to produce and he did.  His numbers wouldn’t wow anyone, but he was a pivotal piece off the bench.  Even though he showed a better prowess with the basketball in his hand, his grade is a C+ because of his inability to rebound the basketball.

Phil Nolan: C.  With Wolf’s suspension and Olander’s struggles, Ollie had to lean on Nolan a bit earlier in his development then he probably wanted, but the he played surprisingly well.  He didn’t shy away from fighting for boards and late in the season, he showed ways to score the basketball.

R.J. Evans: C.  Evans had a great start to the season, providing another scoring option for the Huskies, but he couldn’t sustain it throughout the season.  He found it harder and harder to get lay-ups.  His free throws and jumpers were a big obstacle for him.

Leon Tolksdorf: D.  He had a flash or two of that big man who can hit the outside shot, but his inability to rebound or play around the paint had him mired on the bench.

Tyler Olander: D.  It boils down to the inability to rebound the basketball that ultimately hurt Olander’s grade.  He is really a power forward asked to play the center position.  The most disappointing aspect of Olander’s season was that Nolan and Wolf, both inexperienced players, out played him.

Enosch Wolf: D.  Wolf showed promise but he let down his team with poor off the court decisions.  His grade is hovering between a C and a F until his court case is finished with.

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