Thursday, May 2, 2013

Remember the Name: Kahari Beaufort

Kahari Beaufort from East Harford is a 6’4”, 185 pound, shooting guard.  He’s got connections all around the UConn program from being a cousin of Doug Wiggins to a close and personal friend of Kevin Ollie’s son, Jalen.  He’s a combo guard who can run an offense and also create his own shot.  He does play out of control at times and needs to have a bit more patience with the ball in his hands.  His defense is also a work in progress, but he is an excellent ball handler, passer, and shooter.  He’s looking to stay close to home and has his eye on UConn but has his options open at the moment.  Whoever lands Beaufort will get a hard worker with tremendous upside, but his overall projection is a mystery.

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