Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet Amida Brimah

Amida Brimah is a 6’11” and 215 pound center from Ghana but now resides in Miami, Florida.  He has only been playing basketball for a few years now, mostly growing up and playing soccer.  He averaged 16 points, 11.7 rebounds, 7.2 blocked shots, and shot 72 percent from the foul line last year.  He also recorded 5 triple doubles.  He speaks French and four other African dialects, and plans to study hospitality management.  He is raw offensively, is a natural shot blocker, a  good athlete, and is commonly described as bouncy.  His 7-6 wingspan gives him added length and he is known as a high motor and high-energy player.  He comes off ball screens well, but needs to develop a post game.

He has a tremendous work ethic and will thrive under Ollie’s tutelage who has praised Amida, saying, “Amida was one of the most passionate basketball players I saw during the entire recruiting period, and I fell in love with his passion for the game.  He showed leadership both on and off the court, and then he was the best player in the game.  With Amida joining Kentan and Terrence, we think we have three new players coming in who can all help us.  What I like best is they each have a relentless motor that just keeps going. They are excited to play basketball.”


Curtis said...

Hoping for a Thabeet instead of a Majok type player. I can see him contributing big in year 3 and 4. Keeping my fingers crossed!

David Gillett said...

Majok never got the chance, taking off early due to the need for making a living. He's really raw and in the mold of a Thabeet or an Okwandu. His minutes will depend on what Wolf decides to do.