Thursday, September 12, 2013

Player Profile: Leon Tolksdorf

Looking Back:  Tolksdorf’s role on the team was a total mystery.   Without much playing time, there wasn’t much trust factor for the small forward.  So he rode the pine for much of the season but did have a shining moment, sinking three 3-pointers in rapid succession but never was able to duplicate that type of offense again.  He was mired as a mop up player or got in when no one else could get the job done or they were in foul trouble.

The Good: He’s shown that he can knock down the outside shot and has some size to him to not get knocked off a spot on defense.  There just isn’t a lot of game tape to point out a lot of his upside at the moment.

The Bad:  He hasn’t been able to rebound the basketball and for this team that is a necessity.  He’s literally a one dimension player at this point and needs to develop a dribble drive, post up game, or mid-ranged shot to stop teams from crowding him at the 3-point line.

Looking Ahead:  This is an important year for Leon.  If he can show an improvement in rebounding the basketball then he will play and anything he gives this team offensively will be a luxury.  His main focus should be clearing space and battling for those 50/50 balls.  With a lack of depth on the front line, the opportunity is there for Tolksdorf.  It is up to him to seize the opportunity and make the most of it.

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