Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Alumni Profile: Ray Allen

Looking Back:  UConn’s fan base are primarily Celtics fans and when Ray Allen left the Celtics to join the Heat, they were torn.  Looking back on it now, it was a stroke of genius.  Ray Allen landed on a team that best suited his skills, allowed him lesser minutes, a reduced role, and a chance at numerous championships while the Celtics unloaded their aging assets and are in rebuilding mode.  Ray Allen also had a fantastic season.  Sure his numbers are down, but when the Heat’s chances at a repeat were in doubt, Ray Allen delivered one of the most clutch shots in NBA Finals history, cementing his Hall of Fame career as the best UConn Alumni to ever wear the jersey.

The Good: The perfect stroke, the tireless work ethic, and an off the field authenticity like no other.  Ray Allen is one of a kind and is the perfect role model for what UConn stands for.  With the reduced minutes, Ray Allen still has plenty of years left.  Even in his new role, his effectiveness hasn’t changed.  It is a testament to his relentless practice.

The Bad: Age.  There is not much he can do about that.  His speed is not like it once was and he will have problems keeping up against the quick first steps of younger two guards.  He isn’t a great passer and sometimes turns the ball over carelessly. 

Looking Ahead: He’ll have another go around with a team stacked to win it all again.  There will be more of a burden on him this time around because the Heat do not have Miller, another sharp shooter, but with the two slashing threats in Lebron and Wade, Allen will have plenty of open looks. He’s on the perfect team to utilize his skills and could have an opportunity to win a third championship.

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