Thursday, April 9, 2009

Five Reasons Why Sticks Should Stay

1. Jump shot. Robinson showed a great touch from outside throughout his Sophomore year, but he struggled mightily from deep when he returned in his Junior year. He needs to have an outside game to flourish on the next level and another year will give him that much needed confidence that he didn’t have this past season.

2. Money. If he is a top ten pick then he should leave. More then likely he will be an end of the first round or second round pick and the money drops drastically there. If he wants to land that big time deal then he needs to stay another year and solidify himself as a big time player.

3. Loyalty. This might be selfish on the team’s part, but Calhoun showed a tremendous amount of loyalty with Robinson. Sure he paid his own way back onto the team, but Calhoun gave him his starting job right away. Leaving this team now would send them back into a tailspin like that of a few years ago.

4. Playing Time. It depends on where he goes, but Stanley would ride the pine while making a paycheck and it could ultimately hurt his game. If he stayed, he would benefit from extended minutes and game time action that is invaluable when you aren’t a finished product yet.

5. Consistency. Sticks is such a freakish athlete that the NBA is more then a lock for his future, but he lacks the game to game reliability that can transfer to the next level. He needs to show the scouts that he is a double-double threat and can score reliably 15 points in a game.

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