Sunday, April 12, 2009

UConn Play of the Year Award

A. Stanley Robinson Dunk then Block

B. Thabeet with All Ball

C. Robinson with a Windmill Dunk

D. Price Ties Game with a Three

E. Price Breaks McNeal's Ankle and Pops Shot

F. Dyson Steals then Power Slams

G. Edwards Dunks All Over Harangody

H. Thabeet's Meeting at the Summit


john said...

the best play of the year bar none was the dunk by Sticks against michigan state with a minute left where he jumped over 6 people. there is no doubt about that

2nd goes to AJ Price on Jerel McNeal

David Gillett said...

That was a great dunk by Robinson, but two plays that I couldn't find, the Thabeet one-handed olley-oop and Robinson's double-clutch in his first or second game were also my favorites. There were a lot of great plays.