Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Player Profile: Ater Majok

Looking Back: Majok didn’t have the type of year that he and the rest of the Husky Nation wanted him to have. He was over reaching on defense and drew far to much contact on shot blocking attempts. It left him in foul trouble and he never got consistent minutes to build up a good game sweat. When he did get into a flow, he showed some good signs of hustling and flashes of the length that had Calhoun salivating.

The Good: He is super athletic and has all the tools to become an NBA caliber player. His energy is amazing and he doesn’t mind diving on the ground for loose balls. He has a nice shot and is a solid free throw shooter. He has the potential to be a shot blocking beast, and has shown flashes but tends to use his body instead of his length to defend, which tends to get him into foul trouble.

The Bad: Ater is lacking in the fundamentals from post play to blocking out. He struggled with finding his role in the offense, taking ill-advised long ranged shots or rushing plays around the basket. While he does have a nice touch, he is best suited in taking the elbow jumper once in awhile and focus on attacking the basket. He isn’t a great rebounder yet and tends to wait for the ball to come down instead of going after it.

Looking Ahead:
Majok should have a great season. He looks focused and if he finds a post game then he could be a primary weapon on this team. He should also be the anchor of the defense with his natural shot blocking ability, but all of this hinges on his ability to play defense without fouling. There is a ton of options at Calhoun’s disposal at Ater’s position and Majok needs to show the improvement everyone expects out of him or he will lose valuable playing time.

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