Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Player Profile: Donnell Beverly

Looking Back: Donnell Beverly had a solid year for what he was expected to do. He filled in nicely, gave Walker a breather, and also let him play the two guard. Beverly played under control and almost never turned the ball over. His defense was effective, keeping his defender in front of him, but he wasn’t known for his steals or charges. His major flaw was on the offensive output. His jumper was iffy and he had trouble getting to the rim, but he wasn’t asked to score or look for his shot, and only took it as the last resort.

The Good: He is reliable. He isn’t going to be a flashy player or a double digit threat, but he is one of those glue players that all good teams need to be successful. His major asset is his ball handling. He will be able to help out against full court pressure and also give Kemba a chance to move without the ball.

The Bad: He hasn’t shown any consistent offense. While he did have a break away dunk, he doesn't have a quick first step or a way to create his own offense. Will he be able to handle 25-30 minutes a game and will that interpret into improved numbers? No one knows what Beverly can do and that uncertainty could have him leapfrogged by an underclassman or starting next to Walker.

Looking Ahead: He will get his opportunity to show his skills now that Darius Smith has transferred. The team will need every scrap of offense that Donnell can give. He should have the role that Craig Austrie played in his senior season. He’ll need to be flirting with double digits in points next season and be much more of a distributor. 1.6 points and 1.3 assists are not going to cover it, but he will be getting more then 10 minutes a game. It is up to Beverly now to grab this opportunity and run with it.

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