Monday, September 27, 2010

Alumni Profile: Rip Hamilton

Looking Back: Hamilton had his toughest year as a professional last season, only logging in 46 games. He was battling injures throughout much of November and December and never felt comfortable with the new look Pistons. He was still an effective scorer but the team floundered down the stretch and crash landed in March going 2 for 12.

The Good:
Rip has one of the quickest releases in the game. He has also mastered the art of the mid-ranged shot, using double and triple screens to free up his shooting hand. Even though he had an injury plagued season, his numbers didn’t decrease. He is great from the line, averages 18 points a game, and is a solid defender, who isn’t afraid to crash through contact to chase his man. His most important asset though is his consistency, getting into double figures 22 out of the last 26 regular season games.

The Bad: The wear and tear of the long arduous NBA season is starting to catch up to Rip. In each of his last five seasons, Rip has played in fewer and fewer games. He turns the ball over too much, 2.50 a game. He also had one of his worst outside shooting years of his career, only shooting .297 from deep a drop of .071 points from the previous year.

Looking Ahead:
Rip should be healthy and ready to go, but it is unclear what the Pistons can do this upcoming season. You know that you can count on 18 points a game from him, but trade rumors are always swirling around him. He is the clear leader of the team, but he seems to be one of the most underrated players around the league for what he does and has done for Detroit. He is a true professional and should have another solid year, barring any significant injuries.

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