Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Player Profile: Kemba Walker

Looking Back: Walker took awhile to find the courage to take over the leadership of the team from the seniors, but when he did the team played at their best. When he was aggressive, he took a lot of pressure off the front court and let them battle for boards and fight for second chance points. The team still floundered down the stretch and he was the quarterback of the team, but by the time the buzzer sounded down in Virginia, he was the best UConn Husky leaving the court.

The Good: His speed is deadly. He has a burst unlike any other and he has a unique ability to go from standing still to sprinting in two strides. His ball handling has improved and he has become more effective in traffic and around the rim. He has the ability to play an in your shirt defense, but he tends to tone down his aggressiveness to avoid fouls. During the summer he played against some young elite NBA guards and handled himself, while his peers were barely making it over half court.

The Bad: The only thing holding Walker from elite status is a consistent jumper. If he adds that part to his game then he is an All-American. He also needs to be clutch from the line and needs to flirt with 90% from there. Even though he possesses a lighting fast burst, he needs to remain in control of the ball and limit turnovers and sloppy passes.

Looking Ahead: The only question for Walker is if there is going to be anyone to take away the double team. If he can get some of his players to open some driving lanes, then this team will be okay, but if he is the only deep threat and driver, then this team will flounder again. Kemba Walker looks primed to have a monster season and UConn fans need to sit back and enjoy the sensation that is EZ-Pass.

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