Monday, October 11, 2010

Alumni Profile: A.J. Price

Looking Back: Price entered his first NBA season on a team that was in rebuilding mode. He settled into running the second team and did well. He wasn’t flashy but did have a 23 point game versus Oklahoma city. His team didn’t make the playoffs and during the off-season Price injured his knee, setting back his development.

The Good: He has great floor vision and can keep the defense honest with solid shooting. He isn’t deadly from deep, hitting only .345 from there but he is proficient. He only averaged 15.4 minutes a game and 7.3 points, but for a rookie point guard,those are solid numbers.

The Bad:
The injuries, especially to the knees, are a major concern. He will not have the first step speed that other guards at his age possess and he will have to look over his shoulder at younger guards nipping at his heels for playing time. His turnovers, though aren't excessive, they equal his assists and he needs to do a better job of controlling the ball.

Looking Ahead:
Price’s rehab looks to be on schedule and he is primed to build off his last season. Granger is an up and coming scorer that Indiana is building around and they are still in search of a solid point guard. T.J. Ford is that player now, but hasn’t shown the consistency that the Pacers want. That leaves the door open for Price to earn more playing time. The ball is in his court to do so and he needs to take advantage of the situation.

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