Monday, October 18, 2010

Alumni Profile: Hilton Armstrong

Looking Back: Last season was the most chaotic for Hilton. He bounced around three teams from the Hornets, to the Rockets, and the Kings before getting cut. With all the moving, he never had a chance to put together solid numbers. He did play well with the Hornets and had his best rebounding numbers of his career, but he never had a chance. His experience and light salary were enough to give him another chance on a budding Wizards team.

The Good:
Armstrong has made a career of playing fundamental basketball. He isn’t the biggest, strongest, or most athletic player, but he battles hard on the boards, plays solid defense, and is a solid bench player.

The Bad: He doesn’t rely on an outside shot and gets most of his points from hustle plays around the rim. He fouls a ton, one for every six minutes he plays. He can be overpowered by stronger players and has a hard time of getting points with his back to the basket.

Looking Ahead:
Hilton is in a perfect situation. The Wizards are going young and he is one of those elder experienced players that can come off the bench or start in case of injuries. If he can provide some rebounding and blocks then he should get around 15 minutes a game.

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