Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alumni Profile: Caron Butler

ESPN Power Ranking: 42

Team: Washington Wizards

Position: Power Forward

Overview: Caron Butler emerged as a top player, earning the nickname Tough Juice. He can play the post, spot up from three (.357), and can carry a team on his shoulder (20.3 points a game). At 6-7 and 228 pounds, he has the ability to take a man off the dribble and explode to the basket, while playing a post game. Caron ranks 4th in minutes per game, 4th in steals a game, 6th in free throw percentage, and 11th in triple-doubles. The knock against him is that he plays better when he is the focal point of the offense. Once Agent Zero came back from injury, Caron’s game wasn’t the same. He looks geared up and ready to improve on his stellar season last year.

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