Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unanswered Questions

While the pups are starting up unsupervised practicing, there are a few lingering questions that need to be answered if they want to reach the goals and expectations of the upcoming season. The talent is sprinkled throughout this roster, from the towering centers, lightning fast guards, an All-American point guard, talented freshman, to a team with senior experience. This team will have to shoulder the burden of high expectations for the first time since the major exodus of talent in 2005.

The New Guys: Will they be able to gel with the rest of the team? At least they’ll have senior leadership to help them, unlike what Dyson, Wiggins, and Thabeet had. How will Miles handle Calhoun’s ire or Kemba handle not being the primary ball handler? Will Scottie Haralson and Okwandu make an impact?

The Small Forward Mystery: Will Calhoun ever figure out the small forward position? Robinson looked to be turning the corner on his game. He’s lost focus on the other end of the deal and now must battle back to hopefully make it during the next semester. That leaves Calhoun in a slight predicament. Scottie Haralson can play the position, but that is asking a lot from a freshman.

Mid-Season Acquisitions: Will Majok and Robinson enter the season at the halfway mark and find their respective roles. It will be easier with Robinson but how will he handle coming off the bench?

Price’s Health: It’s a legitimate question, but one only answered on the court. This team does have an insurance policy with the plethora of ball handlers on the team. But this team’s championship aspirations lay on Price’s health.

Calhoun’s Health: He looks to be ready to roll. It’s the half time upset stomach issues that have me worried. He is the program and this state needs him.

Straight and Narrow: Will this team have another setback. Be it laptops, smoking dope, underage drinking, not showing up to classes or poor grades, this team seems to find speed bumps. Will they get through a season without any issues?

End of the Season Collapse: They need to play their best ball at the end of the year and the last couple of years they haven’t. Will this be the year where they enter the Big East Tournament playing at their peak?

So while the pups are playing pickup games right now, there are some lingering questions that must be answered if they want to reach their's and everyone's expectations. Like the Dallas Cowboys, they have all the talent, but they need to win a playoff game first.

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