Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alumni Profile: Ray Allen

ESPN Power Rankings: 64

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Boston Celtics

Overview: No UConn Alumni has had to change his game more then Ray Allen. From being the focal point of the offense, he had to transfer his mentality to being the third option. That’s not easy to do when your main weapon is the jump shot. He had to do more with less. When he played a whole season in Seattle, he shot 1,500 shots and last year he only took 986 shots. He never complained and never let his shooting slumps effect his game. He fought the slump through the first two rounds of the playoffs and came out on the other side of it with a record night in the finals and a shiny new trophy. Ray is a team player, underrated defensive player, and an role model off the court. He ranks 4th in free throw percentage and 5th in three pointers made during the regular season.

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