Friday, October 31, 2008

Alumni Profile: Ben Gordon

ESPN Power Rankings: 96th

Team: Chicago Bulls

Position: Shooting Guard

Overview: Ben had a lackluster year last season, as well as his whole team. His stats went down in almost every category. Scoring dropped by three points, Minutes dropped by 2 minutes, Field Goal Percentage fell by .020 points, and his contract aspirations dropped by $4,000,000.00. While he failed to raise his game from the previous stellar season, he still came in 3rd in free-throw percentage, 18th in three-point percentage, and 39th in points per game.

While his jump-shot just wasn’t right all year, he still came out to play. He isn’t known for his defense and looked frustrated at times while riding the pine. Ben is going into this season with Derek Rose likely to gobble his minutes. He’s going to need to be effective, when coming off the bench, which he was when selected Sixth Man of the Year. This year Ben will be playing for next year’s contract.


sadick said...

Ben will be fine he just didn't have the right coach scott who used to put him on bench every time he misses a jumpshot.
The current coach seems to utilise his talent. With Rose and salmon together they are fun to watch now.
Ben just boost your killing instict to become

David Gillett said...

He is having a great year but I believe that he is out of town next year. He's earned a big time contract and I think that he feels a bit betrayed by the front office of the Bulls.