Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nate Miles Exit Stage Left

I don’t know if it is the upbringing and culture of the players coming here, the lax structure overseeing them, or just shear bad luck that gives UConn the reputation of recruiting poor character players. This season hasn’t even started yet and here goes Nate Miles stumbling down the stairs, and slamming through the door on his way out of here. Of all the players that had to keep himself out of trouble, it was him. Is it UConn’s responsibility to keep Miles out of trouble, like how Jerry Jones is treating Pacman Jones? Maybe. Calhoun knew he was getting a questionable player, and he could have had him babysat by teammates, councilors, and coaches. But most of the blame goes squarely on Nate’s shoulders.

It is sad to see it end this way. He was coming from a very difficult situation and possessing all the talent in the world; he had a golden opportunity. And it had to combust because of a boneheaded, Michael Vick, moment. Back down to square one. He’ll find his way onto a court somewhere, potential usually wins over character issues. Who’ll know what path Nate Miles will travel, the one Caron Butler has traveled or the Maurice Clarett pitfall?

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