Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swapping Sports

With the well deserved respect that the UConn football program is receiving, I thought it would be interesting in building a football roster with the basketball team.

Quarterback: A.J. Price. The point guard is normally referred to the quarterback of the team, so Price is the easy choice. He would be a running and passing threat.

Running Back: Jerome Dyson. He would be a tenacious runner and hit the hole with no regard for his body. He would prosper in his new role since their would be no charging calls. Go ahead Dyson, take the ball and score.

Tight End: Jeff Adrien. His size would fit the position perfectly. He’d be great blocking and he has a soft hands for catching the ball in traffic. Just don’t ask him to pass the ball.

Wide Receiver: Hasheem Thabeet. His hands aren’t wide receiver like, but just throw the ball up in the air and he’s got a great chance of coming down with it. He grew up playing football, just the one that ends up 1 to 0.

Slot Receiver: Craig Austrie. He’s not a burner but his consistent play would make him an excellent possession wide out. He could also be the backup quarterback.

Corner Back: Donnell Beverly. While Donnell hasn’t been able to show his skills on the court, he has all the tools to lock up with other receivers, size, speed and agility.

Defensive Lineman: Gavin Edwards. While his size isn’t defensive linemen material, his defensive mindset and willingness to do the dirty work would help him defend against both the run and the pass.

Offensive Lineman: Jonathan Mandeldove. Like Edwards, Mandeldove is undersized but his work ethic and ability to come in at any time and do his job fits that of an offensive lineman.

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