Friday, July 24, 2009

Player Profile: Jerome Dyson

Looking Back: Jerome Dyson will have to go through something he has never had to go through, battling back from a season ending injury. It was a shame that he went down in the first Syracuse match-up because he was becoming a significant threat offensively and was the team’s best on the ball defender. There is no telling where this year’s team will reach, but for him to go down on such a senior laden team that went so deep into the tournament was a shame. He had sweated and bled with that squad and for him to have to watch the magnificent run from the sidelines must have been excruciating.

The Good: Dyson is most deadly in open space and is the definition of a warrior. He attacks the basket with no regard for his body and has incredible athletic ability around the rim. His defense is stellar and has quick hands to be able to get steals. Even with missing the tail end of the season, he still led his teams in steals. He fights hard through screens and plays an in-your-face man-to-man defense that not even Walker can achieve. He has a tremendous first step and if his opponents body up to him, he has a first step that is deceptive.

The Bad: He has never been comfortable with his outside shot, though he has shown the ability to drain from deep. His shot is streaky and once he clanks a few, he doesn’t go back to it. He tends to attack the basket to much and creates offensive turnovers in traffic. While he looks to be in great shape, there is still that question as to how much punishment his body will be able to handle.

Looking ahead: He has never been a floor leader, but this is his team now. With the departure of most of the scoring, Jerome will have to shoulder a lot of the offensive burden. It will be interesting to see how he handles it and how quickly he can get back from his injury. The only thing missing from his ability to make it to the next level is his jumper. If he can be consistent from there then he should have a great year and a great career at the next level.

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