Friday, July 31, 2009

Player Profile: Stanley Robinson

Looking Back: Stanley Robinson had a major adjustment last season with coming into a team halfway through the season. Not only did he have to get into game shape, but he also didn’t want to disrupt the chemistry of a team that was having success. Without Ater Majok last year, Stanley was the only legitimate wing player on the team and played the role well, making an impact in his first game back. He did what he knew best, digging his nose into the paint for the hustle boards and putbacks. While he didn’t start right away, he quickly gained the starting job and helped solidify the small forward position. He ended the season with some NBA draft buzz, but did the wise thing and opted to return for his senior season.

The Good: Robinson has tremendous leaping ability and can finish plays off with authority. He is a hustler, sticking his nose into the paint and isn’t afraid to get knocked around. He is a physical rebounder, offensively and defensively. He runs the floor well, though he is around the rim so much that he doesn’t have the opportunities to show his rim rattling hops in the open court like the guards do. He is a fantastic defender and shot blocker. His quick feet and athleticism keeps his opponents in front of him.

The Bad: He hasn’t been able to consistently knock down shots, be it mid-ranged or from distance. He is a streaky shooter when they do drop but when he clanks a couple, he tends to give up and take the ball to the hoop. If he isn’t getting rebounds, he tends to become quiet offensively and doesn’t demand the basketball. He doesn’t have a post game yet and likes to dribble drive to create shots.

Looking Ahead: Stanley will be an integral part of the offense next season and a lot of the Huskies success will ride on his ability to score points. He will need to keep opponents honest with his jumper and not shy away from it if it isn’t dropping. He will have to become a leader on the team and lead by example on and off the court. If he can find that elusive jumper and remain a consistent rebounder then he should have an excellent season and look to take the next step in his career.

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