Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alumni Profile: Caron Butler

Looking Back: While Caron had a good season statistically, his team was a horrible disappointment. They were coming off a solid playoff performance and looked primed to take the next step, but with another year of an injured Agent Zero, Caron and the Wizards floundered. It was a perfect opportunity for Butler to become a superstar. Even though he had All-Star numbers, he couldn’t will his team to victories.

The Good: Tough Juice is a versatile player who has the size to play the post, ability to play isolation, and hit from deep. He is a decent free throw shooter and a solid defender, ranking 18th in steals. He is also a workhorse, ranking 6th in minutes played. Out of all the Huskies Alumni, he has the greatest versatility with the ball in his hands. Caron has also shown the ability to knock down the clutch shot, sinking a few daggers during the season.

The Bad: He turns the ball over way too much and needs to be less careless with the ball. He also decreased in almost every stat during this past season. For Caron to take the next step in becoming a superstar, he will need to make the players around him better, be that on the defensive end or drawing double teams.

Looking Ahead: Caron is reaching his prime and should help shoulder the leadership role even with the reemergence of Gilbert Arenas. He has all the skills to be an All-Star but needs to take his team into the playoffs. He looks ready to take the torch from Ray Allen and become UConn’s best NBA player.

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