Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thabeet and The Dream


Zach Smart said...

I'm hoping Thabeet can quickly develop into a rebounding machine over in Memphis. With guys that love to shoot the Spalding Cover off the ball--Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo, AI, etc.--somebody's got to be there for crucial stickbacks and second or third opportunities. He's got the strenth and swag to make an immediate impact, creating a post presence with M. Gasol. Should be interesting. IN other news, does anyone know if Sticks will come in from the Sticks this season?!?!?!?! As the Huskies know, his ability to produce is an aspect so paramount to success

David Gillett said...

Thabeet will be playing with the second unit but will get his opportunities. He needs to focus on the little stuff, rebounding and defense. He shouldn't focus solely on his offense.

Great article and another great read Zach!