Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alumni Profile: Ray Allen

Name: Ray Allen

Team: Boston Celtics

NBA Rank: 54

Looking Back: Ray Allen was coming into the year healthy and comfortable with the Celtics system. It all added up to a solid year of consistent ball. Not one of his major stats decreased throughout the year. He shot the ball better from deep and from the charity stripe. When Garnett went down with an injury, Ray Allen stepped up his game and helped to shoulder the offensive load. He was clutch throughout the playoffs and had produced the epic game against Ben Gordon and the Bulls, but he just didn’t have a complete roster to compete in the end and fell to the Magic.

The Good: It starts with the best jumper in the game. He ranked 2nd in the NBA in three point field goals made and attempted. He also has the ability to hit the clutch shots, seen in the number of game winners during the regular season and throughout the playoffs. Even though he was on a team that featured both Pierce and Garnett (for most of the season), Ray ranked 30th in regular season scoring. He doesn’t only display a great outside threat but still has the ability to take his man off the dribble and is wily around the basket. He is also an underrated defensive player and isn’t shy about playing his man up close and tight around screens.

The Bad: He’s a veteran and will be more susceptible to injuries, not to mention losing the speed to play against the younger guards. With the NBA season one of the hardest and most strenuous in all of sports, Ray will not only be battling his opponent but also his own body’s limitations. His game also goes the way of his jumper. If it isn’t falling then he seems to disappear from games.

Looking Ahead: Ray is in a contract year and needs to remain healthy and effective. He should have a bit more depth on the team but he will get his 34 minutes a game. He is such a reliable player and has his shot down to a science that he should have several years left in the tank. Out of all of the UConn Alumni, Ray has the best chance to win another championship.

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