Monday, August 22, 2011

Player Profile: DeAndre Daniels

DeAndre Daniels is a 6’8” and 180 pound small forward. He is an effortless scorer that has a great balance of speed and shooting. He already possesses the ability to hit the jumper off the catch, in transition, or on ball reversal. He rebounds well but needs a bit more size to carve out space on the block. He sometimes takes bad shots that aren’t in the flow of the offense and isn’t defensive minded. With that all said, he is an extremely gifted talent with limitless upside. For Calhoun, the wing position has always been hard to figure out and with having Daniels' offensive talents, hopefully it will compliment the more defensive minded Roscoe Smith. If DeAndre can focus on defense, take the open shot in the flow of the offense, and rebound then he will have the minutes to showcase his skills.

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