Thursday, August 18, 2011

Player Profile: Ryan Boatright

Ryan Boatright is a 5’10” and 165 pound point guard that can also slide into the two guard position. He averaged 31.2 points, 5.5 boards, and 3.1 assists as a senior. He is ultra quick and can get anywhere that he wants to go on the court. For a smaller frame, he isn’t shy about taking it into the paint to attack the rim or dish it out to open shooters. He has a knack for putting the ball in the basket and can do it in a variety of ways, from the outside shot or slamming it home. He does need some more size, which everyone coming into the college game needs, and needs to be more consistent with his shooting. As a point guard, he holds the ball too much and tends to take over large stretches of the offense. Defense isn’t his strength and he tends to gamble a lot. Another troubling sign was that he was suspended for an altercation with one of his teammates.

Ryan will fit in nicely into the rotation, filling Shabazz’s role of a sixth man/back up point guard. He also allows Calhoun a way to play two guards at the same time and go small. If he can be happy with a small role, be more defensive minded, and play a more team oriented game, then Boatright will have a tremendous year.

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