Monday, August 1, 2011

Player Profile: Tyler Olander

Looking Back: Tyler Olander showed promise early on and Calhoun even called him the best post player on the team heading into the season. While he never showed much offensively, he settled into his role and played defense, rebounded and took the open shot once in awhile. He did get valuable starting minutes but played sparingly, a trend that Calhoun likes to use. The experience was invaluable and Olander quickly became a reliable piece to the rotation.

The Good: He moves his feet well, has a soft touch, can knock down the occasional 15-footer, and plays reliable defense. He isn’t afraid to bang bodies inside and enjoys sticking his nose in for tough boards. He is a hard worker, hustles for every loose ball, and is a fan favorite because of his close ties to the UConn area.

The Bad:
He needs more size and has to be more assertive with the ball in his hands. He tends to think too much and allows the defender to settle into position. He also needs to position rebound better and clear more space for more rebounds. While he can hit the occasional three pointer, he should not take them and take more mid-ranged shots or attack the rim.

Looking Ahead: Olander has a lot to prove this season. He’ll need to be more reliable with more minutes coming his way, because there are younger players nipping on his heels for playing time. If he can be a solid rebounder, defend without picking up silly fouls, and be effective in the paint, then he should be in heavy rotation again.

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