Friday, August 12, 2011

Player Profile: Enosch Wolf

A lot was expected out of Enosch Wolf and Calhoun even forfeited giving Wolf a red shirt because the team desperately needed front court help, but it didn’t pan out. Wolf tread water, trying to learn a totally different style of basketball on the fly in mid-season, which might have been unfair to him. It really was a wasted year and hopefully won’t hurt his progress like that of Charles Okwandu who wasn’t red shirted and started coming into his own in his final year of eligibility. One thing on Wolf’s side is his size. He is a true seven footer and when he did get into the game, he looked the part of a Big East center. He just needs to work on his fundamentals and focus on defense and rebounding. If he can provide those two things and barring some big named recruits still not committed, then he will have the opportunity to earn minutes.

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